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Festival Vaping – A User Guide

Festival Vaping – A User Guide

Ignore the drizzle and think back to last week’s heatwave. Festival season is nearly here, and that means Parklife, Leeds and Reading, Creamfields… No Glasto this year, and T in the Park is off again, but there’s always Bestival. We all love a festival, but there’s a downside to live music in the sunshine. The lure of cigarettes.

Yes, smoking’s bad for you, and it makes your clothes stink, and a dropped cigarette can easily set fire to your tent. But when it comes to festivals, sometimes vapers remember when all they needed was a cardboard box of fags and a cheap disposable lighter.

Somehow vaping seems a little bit more of an indoor hobby, not something you can do when you’re spending three nights under a canvas sheet with a case of cheap cider for a pillow.

Well, you’re wrong. A festival is no reason to leave your mod at home. All you need to do is plan ahead a bit.

Follow our Festival Vaping Guide, and you’ll be fine.

Step One – Pack, and Pack Light

Now’s not the time for your huge triple coil custom box mod. Unless you’re taking a petrol generator and a dedicated vape juice rucksack, you need something that can offer a little more battery life and that sucks down a little less eliquid.

Our starter mods still pack a punch, but you can squeeze a good half a day's battery life out of one, assuming you’re stopping to breathe every few minutes. Give yourself six hours of kip per night, and that means that two spare batteries should just about see you through a weekend.

Alternatively, you can look at investing in a rechargeable battery pack. A decent battery pack will set you back less than £50, and should give you enough power to recharge your mobile phone and your vape batteries a couple of times. Best of all, most power packs are safe to use with your batteries, although you still shouldn’t leave it plugged in overnight.

Step Two – Choose Your Liquids

That’s the hardware sorted. Now let’s talk juice. The last thing you want to do is fiddle around changing coils after six cans of supermarket lager when the only light source to hand is tied around your head.

Change your coils before you leave home, and take a liquid that’s less taxing on the wick. It’s a fact of life that sweeter liquids and higher VG juices can shorten the lifespan of your coils. Our vape lab team is trying to solve that issue, but chemistry is chemistry.

So let’s look at your e liquid options. Obviously a low VG juice isn’t going to work too well with your box mod, but there is a middle ground. A juice with a 50/50 mix should give you a solid amount of cloud without clogging your coils too quickly.

Menthol or mint flavours are less taxing on your hardware than fruit or sweet flavours, and have the added bonus of a longer-lasting taste, meaning you’re not constantly going back to your vape.

And if all else fails, Doc’s Blend will see you through almost any situation.

Step Three – Don’t Be That Guy

You’ve got the hardware, you’re stocked up on liquids, and you’re in the car on the way to the festival.

Now’s the time to start being a sensible vaper, not that guy.

If your friends don’t vape, they won’t appreciate you filling their car or tent with huge clouds. No matter how awesome those clouds look.

And when people have stood in the sunshine (or the rain) for hours to catch an act they’ve been looking forward too all year, they don’t want to have to peer through the fog.

Cloud-chasing is a great hobby, but don’t be the person who cloaks everyone else in a cloud of vape. You’re just giving the rest of us a bad name!

So there you have it. Plan ahead. Pack light, take the right juice, and show a bit of consideration for everyone else. Now you’re fully prepared to enjoy a tobacco-free festival. Don’t forget to share your festival vaping pics with the KiK team on Facebook!

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