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Love Island Diaries

Love Island Diaries

Love Island Diaries #1 – Cigarette Smoke is Out, Steamy (and Vapy) Fun is In

We all love a bit of telly, don’t we? Here in the Kik office, our guilty pleasure is Love Island, especially now that smoking is out on the show and vaping is in.

In last year’s show, ITV received more complaints from viewers shocked at how much smoking was going on (24) than people upset by two islanders getting frisky on a couch (15). In fact, after one group realised that cigarettes were on screen for 20% of the show’s runtime, producers dispatched boxes of vapes to clean up the show’s image (and air quality).

Anti-Smoking Groups Aren’t Happy

Leading anti-cigarette pressure group Ash claimed that the amount of smoking shown on last year’s Love Island was unacceptable, leading to a smoking ban in this year’s show. Much like office workers back in Britain, smoking on the show means a lonely walk to a dingy smoking shed.

Or the contestants could do as Public Health England have suggested and pick up a vape instead.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the contestants’ vaping habits throughout the show, and we’ll be updating our Love Island Diaries every week to let you know what’s going on.

But that’s for next week. For now, we’re going to take a look at the contestants and recommending a vape flavour that’s sure to keep them out of the smoking shed.

Meet the Contestants – And Our Flavour Recommendations

Laura Anderson (29)

Laura Anderson - Energy Drink

Scottish air hostess Laura might not be familiar with our vapes, as she spends a lot of her time in Dubai where ecigarettes are banned. But if this year’s high flyer wants to switch the duty-free fags for a tar-free vape, we reckon she’d be able to beat the jet lag with a hit of our Energy Drink juice.

Dani Dyer (21)
Dani Dyer - Cookies & Cream

If her name rings a bell, it’s because Dani Dyer’s dad Danny Dyer has been starring in films and TV shows for years. While Danny pretends to run the Queen Vic on Eastenders, Dani has worked as a real barmaid, and was spotted on ‘Survival of the Fittest’ earlier this year. Dani’s used her Twitter to tell the world about her difficulties staying away from chocolate, so we’ll recommend the Cookies and Cream Cloud E-Liquid to beat her cravings!

Hayley Hughes (21)
Hayley Hughes - Bubblicious

Liverpool-born model Hayley claims that she’s got no filter. Hopefully she’s talking about her personality, and not smoking, because nothing is a bigger turnoff than someone puffing on a filterless roll-up! We think this bubbly scouser would be much better off with a Bubblicious vape juice instead.

Kendall Rae-Knight (26)
Kendall Love Island

The former Miss North West is now a retail manager, which is making us reconsider the job adverts we’re putting in the papers for our management positions. Despite being a beauty queen, Kendall’s not a drama queen, claiming she’s real and low-maintenance. We still think she’d be better suited to a vape that matches her fancy tiara – like our Fruit Fancy liquid!

Samira Mighty (22)
Samira Mighty - Menthol

A professional dancer, Samira’s been spotted on stage all over the West End, and now she’s bringing some hot-headed stubbornness to the Love Island. That’s fine by us, because we’re all about a bit of drama! If Samira’s getting too overheated though, we’d recommend something that’ll cool her off. A bottle of Menthol Sensation should do the trick.

Niall Aslam (23)

Niall Aslam - Gobsmacker

Construction worker Niall is all about the chat, and he’s worried that his ex might not be too impressed when he turns up on her favourite show. His chat might be a strength, but Niall also claims he chews like a barnyard animal. If he needs to keep that mouth busy, he’d be better blowing clouds with a Gobsmacker eliquid than chewing his way through the Sunday omnibus.

Eyal Brooker (22)
Eyal Brooker - Tobacco

Apparently Eyal used to be in a pop band, where we fell victim to “fangirl hysteria.” Hopefully he won’t have the ladies of the Kik office fainting with excitement every time he comes on screen. A quick glance at Eyal’s Instagram shows him smoking, so we’re hoping he takes the opportunity to try out a vape while he’s on the show. Our Smooth Tobacco eliquid should be a solid start.

Adam Collard (22)
Adam Collard - Black Chews

A Geordie Gym director, Adam’s looking for a genuine, down to earth girl who can keep him on his toes and who won’t ply him with pizza before fitness events. Adam also claims he’s tall, dark and in good shape. Our Black Chew eliquid might not be in the tallest of bottles, but it’s the darkest juice we make and it’s certainly in great shape.

Jack Fincham (26)
Jack Fincham - Super Mint

Poor Jack says he’s clumsy, selfish and a walking disaster. Sounds like a right catch to us! Apparently this Kentish sales manager’s best feature is his pearly white smile. Well Jack, nothing compliments a smile like minty-fresh breath, so we’d suggest if you smoke then you swap the fags for an icy blast of our Super Mint ejuice.

Dr. Alex George (27)
Dr Alex George - Doc's Blend

An A&E doctor? You already know exactly what we’ll recommend, but humour us anyway. Alex dreams of being the next big TV doctor, and he’s hoping that being on screen won’t have a negative impact on his hard-earned medical career. Dr. George is open, honest, passionate – yeah, we were always going to recommend Doc’s Blend, no matter what he said.

Wes Nelson (20)
Wes Nelson - Gingerbread

Kickboxing on Instagram? Designing electrical and nuclear systems? We’re amazed Wes finds the time to live what he calls a wild lifestyle! Wes might be an academic, but he’s on the look out for a cougar with a bit of fire and passion. That calls for a fiery eliquid, and we’ve got just the thing. A blast of Hot Shot is a perfect fit.

Watch Along with Kik

We’ll be glued to our screens for the next eight weeks. If you want to join our conversations, vote in our polls and maybe win some eliquid of your own, make sure you follow @kikVape and keep an eye on our #kikloveisland hashtag!

Please Note : This is just for Fun, none of the contestants of this show, ITV or Love Island endorse any of our products. Image Credit: ITV.

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