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Age Verification

From 1st October 2015, a new law was implemented prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes and vape products that contain or can be used to deliver nicotine to anyone under the age of 18. The VN LABS Ltd group of companies have always held a company policy of not selling to ‘minors’ when it was known to the company that these individuals were under the age of 18. This legislation now mandates this policy for retailers of these products.

As a result, and to ensure absolute and full compliance across our businesses, we have made some changes to our website registration and check out process.


  • The majority of individuals with a registered customer account have been pre verified to minimise disruption when making a purchase online.
  • All new and unverified individuals will at the first time of checkout be requested to confirm they are of legal age. There are several methods to do so, such as your driving licence, credit card, electoral roll

Our Terms and Conditions have been modified to reflect this new UK legislation and acceptance of these terms also explicitly supports and authorises the use of age verification checks against the account details provided.

The first purchase on every account will be verified by an industry recognised age verification service.

We are sure that you understand and support this legislation and our company’s application of these new simple procedures. We have attempted to make the changes as trouble-free for all our customers so your site experience is as unhindered as possible.

What you can expect:

During the checkout process you will now see the following popup as part of the age verification process.

AgeChecked Age Verification

Without successfully passing the age verification check we will not be able to process and dispatch your order.

Close (esc)

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