How to Maintain Your E Cigarette Coils

Can you really rinse out your coils? Should you? We explore coil maintenance in our latest blog post.

Vaping vs Smoking. The Facts.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping is quite an emotive topic. Partly because some non-vapers simply don't understand wh...

Safety Tips for Vaping

Vape Safety Yes, it’s true. Using an ecigarette is less harmful to your health than smoking. At least according to d...

Your Guide to Buying an Electronic Cigarette

If you’re reading this then chances are you’re a little confused about which electronic cigarette to buy. And who ca...

How to Fill Your Kik Vape 02 E-Cig Tank

The Kik Vape 02 e-cigarette is a step up from the Vape 01 starter pen and requires just that little bit more in terms...

Extending the Life of Your E-Cigarette

There’s still an ongoing debate about the health benefits of vaping. Cancer research and anti-smoking charities are ...

Festival Vaping – A User Guide

Ignore the drizzle and think back to last week’s heatwave. Festival season is nearly here, and that means Parklife, ...

Safe Vaping – How Should You Charge Your Ecigarette Battery?

Safe Vaping – How Should You Charge Your Ecigarette Battery? Vaping is back in the news this month as a result of th...

E-Cig Etiquette: Vaping Rules to Live By

Although vaping is becoming more popular, there is always confusion around the code of polite behaviour among vapours...
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