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Love Island Diaries – Week One

Love Island Diaries – Week One

Love Island Diaries – Week One – What’s Wrong with the Doc?

It’s finally here! The new smoke-free Love Island has been on everybody’s lips this week, and talk around the Kik watercooler has focused entirely on the latest goings on in the villa.

If you’ve not been able to watch, our weekly diary will give you the latest gossip on the biggest stories from week one.

Doc’s Blend of Charm and Shyness Gets Pied Off. Twice.

Sometimes everything goes right for you. And sometimes everything goes wrong.

Take this week with Doctor Alex. When we paired him up with our Doc’s Blend eliquid, we were basically having fun with his job. We didn’t know it’d be this perfect!

The thing about Doc’s Blend is that the people who love it, love it. Some Kik customers try it once and never ever vape anything else. And some people can’t tell what it’s supposed to taste like and steer well clear.

Doctor Alex might know what that’s like. Pied off on the first night when he ended up perched on the sub’s bench. Pied off again when he tried to give Hayley a kiss during a game. Yet everyone on Twitter absolutely loves him and viewers voted for him to get a date with one of the incoming islanders.

And much like when a customer gets to know and appreciate Doc’s Blend, Alex definitely hit it off with newcomer Rosie.

Two New Contestants, Two New Flavours

Speaking of Rosie and her fellow new Islander Georgia, it’s time to dip into our big bag of Kik eliquids and see if we can’t pair up their personalities with a bottle of something tasty.

Rosie Williams (26)

Rosie Williams - Mojito

Brains and beauty, lawyer Rosie has packed in her job as a solicitor to head over to the island in search of love. While we’re all hoping that Doctor Alex has Rosie’s attention locked up for the next few days at least, the reaction of the other girls suggests this Welsh wonder might not make many friends. For her instant impact at the welcoming drinks party, we’ll be pairing Rosie with a prickly Cactusy eliquid, to make sure the party continues!

Georgia Steel (23)

Georgia Steel - Spearmint

A barmaid, like Dani, Georgia’s definitely making waves with the guy that Ms. Dyer discarded. In Dani’s defence, her Cookies and Cream persona would never match with Jack’s Super Mint smile, but we’ve got a different flavour in mind for Georgia. She’s definitely a cool customer, and we think her spearmint vibes are a much better fit. What’s more, her lively personality will definitely be a blast of minty fresh air!

Smirting Is Out, But Are the Producers Missing a Trick?

When we heard that smoking was out and vaping was in, we were delighted. But ITV’s policy on nicotine has viewers riled up.

“Not seen a single person smoke yet. I miss the chain smoking and gossiping area of the villa #loveisland”

“Am pretty livid the smoking area has been banned in #LoveIsland Thats where all the kick offs, strops, b***hing and secrets come out.”

Twitter comments via OK!

It turns out that if a contestant wants to smoke or use a vape pen, they’ve got to ask a producer and head off alone to a hidden smoking area. It’s still filmed, but it means that viewers are missing out on all that smirting!

In smoke and vape free offices around the UK, smoking and vaping areas are where all the best gossip and flirting happens, so it’s strange that Love Island isn’t letting contestants indulge in a bit of filmed tobacco-free vaping.

What do you think? Would an on-screen vaping area where contestants can gossip, flirt and chat improve your Love Island viewing experience? Or are you happy that all smoking is banned from screens?

Let us know in the comments section, or tag @KikVape on Twitter with the #loveisland hashtag.

Please Note: This is just for fun, none of the contestants of this show, ITV or Love Island endorse any of our products. Image Credit: ITV.

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