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E-Cig Etiquette: Vaping Rules to Live By

E-Cig Etiquette: Vaping Rules to Live By

Although vaping is becoming more popular, there is always confusion around the code of polite behaviour among vapours. To avoid getting into a sticky situation, it’s best to follow a certain etiquette when vaping in public. Here are the rules that you should live by:

Ask Permission

Although e-cigarettes give people the chance to vape in places where they wouldn’t usually be able to smoke, never assume it’s okay to vape. Whether you’re at a restaurant, bar, at the office, or even at a friend’s house, you should always ask before vaping and answer any questions they might have about vaping. Even though e-cigarettes are more common than ever before, they are still yet to be fully normalized, so they may not be socially acceptable in the eyes of many. By simply asking for permission, you can avoid any possible confrontation.

Don’t vape in crowded places

Vaping in crowded places could lead to complaints from others, as it will linger and disturb them. Even though vapour is odourless and there’s no chance of passive vaping, many people still associate vapour with smoking. So, don’t pull out your e-cigarette in a cramped place, as the frustration from other people could lead the vicinity to become more conservative with its policies, which in turn could damage the reputation of vapours.

Avoid vaping around children

Even if the area you’re in allows the use of e-cigarettes, ensure you vape with the utmost respect. Always consider the circumstances, much of which comes down to common sense. But more crucially, don’t vape if there are children present. E-cigarettes are designed for adults so it’s not appropriate to expose children to vaping, and it could lead them to picking up on the habit.

Never Cloud Chase

In the world of vaping, cloud chasing is known as the act of blowing huge clouds of vapour, and it has become a goal that many competitive vapers strive for. Doing this would be fine in a vape shop, but cloud chasing in a public place will likely be met with hostility.

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