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The 5 Types of Vaper - Which One Are You?

The 5 Types of Vaper - Which One Are You?

Even though the vaping community might be filled with like-minded people, and who all have the same goal of packing up smoking for good, many e-cigarette enthusiasts are still separated by the type of vaper they are. Here we outline the different types of vaper – do any of them sound like you?

The Rookie

Ah, the rookie. You’ve just entered the world of vaping and you’re excited to start your journey. As you’re new to the ranks, you’ve got lots of questions and the idea of e-cigarettes might seem slightly complicated, but there’s plenty of people willing to help. Try not to feel intimidated by all the different vape kits, mods and tanks. Every vaper has been there and it gets easier over time.

The Cloud Chaser

Those who aim to produce the largest clouds of vapour, are commonly referred to as ‘cloud chasers’. This type of vaper spends hours trying to achieve the biggest cloud by building the most intricate coil, that will help them with their cloud chasing. Many of these types of vapers enter contests where they face other people, to see who can blow the largest cloud. If you fall into this category, then you’re always on the look-out for the best mods and VG e-liquids, to ensure the biggest vapour production.

The flavourist

Some vapers prefer flavour over cloud, and these types are often called ‘flavour chasers’. As a flavourist, you’re always trying to find the perfect flavour, using rebuildable atomisers with intricate coil designs and ensuring the right amount of airflow to get the best flavour.

The Vape Super-fan

The vape super-fan has all the kits, mods and a library of juices. You are the go-to vaping resource amongst your friends, and you know all the leading brands, and you’re a regular at the local vaping café. You’re a big fan of all the vaping YouTube channels that review e-cigarette gear and liquids, and you may even be considering starting your own channel.

The Trickster

Some e-cigarette enthusiasts aren’t too interested in clouds or flavours, but are more into pulling off the finest tricks while vaping. If you’re a trickster, then you’ll be prioritising your time perfecting the most difficult vapour tricks, instead of enjoying the delicious flavours. Like cloud chasing, there are even competitions where tricksters compete against each other to see who can produce the best tricks.

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