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Don't Take Risks With Your Vape Battery

Don't Take Risks With Your Vape Battery

We need you to picture something for us. (Don’t worry, this will all tie in to the vape in your hand)

Picture a balloon. You put too much air into it, it pops. Fill it too fast it pops. In fact, you fill anything too fast or too much it’s going to go wrong!

Now take a look at your E-cig. It has a small battery, it's more than capable of doing the job if charged correctly.

When you use a high-powered phone charger to plug that battery into the mains, you're filling that balloon (battery) too fast. The rechargeable battery isn’t designed to handle that much power.

It’ll charge fast.

There is a chance it could go wrong.

It seems like every day, I take a look at the news and someone’s overcharged their battery using a mains socket, and that battery’s failed. In the stories that make the news, it fails in a dangerously explosive way.

Don’t let it happen to you.

All of our vapes come with safety instructions that tell you how to charge the battery safely.

Charge the battery via a PC or laptop, NOT the mains
Don’t charge your battery overnight
Don’t use a battery that feels hot
Replace your batteries every few months

If you follow those instructions, I’ll tell you right now that our strict safety and quality control checks will mean your battery is very unlikely to pop.

As soon as you start ignoring those instructions, you’re taking a risk.

Charge your battery using a PC or a laptop, unplug it when the LED indicator shows that it’s charged, and replace your battery every few months. Do that, and you can safely enjoy your vape all day long.

Happy vaping.

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