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Why Can't You Vape on a Plane?

Vaping isn’t allowed on flights domestic & international, here's the low down on vaping when travelling by plane.

The majority of airports have now formed a regulation on e-cigarettes. Depending on your location and desired destination, you may find select designated vaping areas before you board to fly.


The best tip is to research the airport’s rules prior to packing your luggage. Interestingly e-cigarettes, mods and e-pens are not allowed in checked bags and must be taken in your carry-on bags through security. As the clearomisers has a risk of leaking during the flight, maybe empty it before you take-off and pop it into a sealed container to combat the altitude pressure. As for your e-liquids, they will need to be placed in a clear plastic bag as is the case with all other liquids taken through security, with no more than 100ml of liquid inside. Luckily, all our KiK e-liquids come in bottles of 10ml so you can cram as many e-liquids into those handy bags as you like, just don't go overboard.

Check out the regulations of the major Airports across the United Kingdom.

You can find a link to all UK airports and the rules of vaping

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