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KiK's Halloween Vapes

KiK's Halloween Vapes

Halloween Vapes – Spooky Options for Your Favourite Monsters

Halloween has arrived, and it’s all getting a bit atmospheric in the Kik offices. There’s a spooky fog rolling across the office, and we were beginning to get worried until we realised it’s just the clouds from our high VG juices!

But our little scare got us thinking about our favourite scary movie monsters. If we were being chased by the Wolf Man, or trying to evade the Mummy, what vapes could we offer to try and give them something tastier to tuck into?

Here are our thoughts – and don’t worry, vampires. All of these liquids are completely garlic free!

The Mummy

Wrapped in tattered bandages and with a definite aversion to open flames, it’s a fair bet that the mummy isn’t a smoker. But if this ancient Egyptian monster found the Kik team poking around his pyramid tomb, we think there’s a flavour that might make him forget to place a curse on us!

Let’s face it. Nobody’s happy when they first wake up, and this guy’s been napping for thousands of years. So he needs to get started with something that’s perfect to start the day. We don’t know if Egyptian kings had fruity cereal and milk, but a quick blast of Cereal Shake is certain to put a smile on the Mummy’s face!

The Wolf Man

Sure, we all know how the stories go. Full moon, lots of howling, unsightly hair and a final encounter with a silver bullet. So far, so much obvious werewolf movie tropes. But do you know what no Wolf Man movie has ever addressed?

Dog breath.

Think about it, your pet dog’s breath isn’t all sweetness and light, and poor old Rover hasn’t spent the evening eating all kinds of people who might not have showered today.

Combine the halitosis of the Wolf Man with his amazing sense of smell, and it’s no wonder he’s furious. But we can fix that easily enough.

Mint, menthol, spearmint – we’ve got dozens of minty fresh flavours. But for our furry-faced friend, we’d offer a full Mint & Menthol e-liquid five pack, just to make sure his breath is more cool ice than warm dog food.


Sorry Count, but we don’t ship to Transylvania. But if you’re nibbling necks anywhere in the UK, we’d rather you beat the cravings by chewing on a drip tip instead of opening a vein.

Funnily enough, there’s not a huge call for blood flavoured eliquids, and we’re not going to start a whole new range for someone who’ll turn to dust as soon as the postman knocks on the door with his order. But there is an alternative.

We’ve seen enough schlocky horror films to know that when you need blood, raspberry sauce is always an alternative. So if a vampire was hot on our tail, we’d take that as our inspiration and offer a bottle of Raspberry Ripple eliquid.

Oh, and just to be clear, we’re definitely not inviting any vampires into the office. We’re just trying to raise a smile with a bit of Halloween fun!


Yes, we know the monster is called Frankenstein’s Monster. But as the lurching patchwork horror was literally only (re)born yesterday, he’s far too young to vape. Sorry monster. Come back when you’re 18.

No, we’re discussing Viktor Frankenstein himself. A so-called doctor who cut up different pieces of different people and mixed them together to create something truly memorable? Well, there’s really only one thing we can suggest.

It’s Doc’s Blend. Made by taking different flavour elements from our different eliquids and mixing them together to create a vape juice that’s never to be forgotten, we’re certain that Frankenstein will appreciate the craft that goes into this eliquid!

Do you agree with our choices? If you’ve got a monstrous eliquid suggestion for Halloween, you can tell us all on Facebook.

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