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Safety Tips for Vaping

Safety Tips for Vaping

Vape Safety

Yes, it’s true. Using an ecigarette is less harmful to your health than smoking. At least according to doctors, cancer charities, heart health charities… the list goes on. But that doesn’t mean that vaping will always be 100% safe.

Like any hobby, if you vape incorrectly, at some point you could find yourself – or the people around you – in trouble. So to make sure you can happily vape away, we’ve shared some of the safety tips that ensure everyone has a great, safe time.

Tip One: Treat Your Battery Right

We’ve mentioned this before. Treating your ecigarette battery properly is crucial if you’re going to vape safely. Yet we still hear tales of people overcharging their batteries. In case you missed our last post, or the safety emails we’ve sent out, remember the following. Charge your vape pen battery from a laptop or PC, not a mobile phone charger plugged into the mains, and don’t leave a battery charging all night unattended.

Tip Two: Store Your Liquids Safely

If you’ve got a bottle of eliquid in front of you, in a pocket or in your handbag, can you take it out for a second and have a look?

See the big exclamation mark on the label? That’s to let you know that the nicotine in your eliquid can be harmful if you don’t treat it properly. By which we mean, if you do anything with it other than vape.

Liquid nicotine can be harmful in large doses. If you were to swallow more than 500mg, you’d be at risk of serious health issues, including nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure and a range of other maladies.

Sounds scary, right? Well look again at the bottle. Even our strongest liquids contain less than 2ml of nicotine, which is far too small to do too much harm. To you. An adult.

But if a small child were to drink a full bottle of sweet eliquid, they could find themselves very sick indeed.

So make sure your liquids are ALWAYS kept out of the reach of children. Store them as you’d store medicines, cleaning products, or good scotch whisky – high up, or in secure drawers and cupboards – well out of the reach of smaller hands.

Tip Three: Keep an Eye on Your Pets

What goes for kids goes double for your pets. Nicotine poisoning can be fatal to dogs and cats, who will happily chew on bottles of eliquid that you leave scattered around the house.

But it’s not just the liquid that could send your puppy or kitten straight to the vets (or worse). Second-hand vaping isn’t really a thing where humans are concerned, at least as far as the research undertaken so far shows, but even the trace amounts of nicotine in your exhaled vape can damage your pet’s health.

If you share a home with some furry friends, make sure you only vape in well-ventilated areas, and certainly don’t blow clouds straight at your pets.

And remember – sharp teeth and eliquid bottles, half-full tanks or even charging batteries can be a recipe for disaster. Keep ALL of your vaping equipment out of their reach!

As you can see, vaping isn’t an inherently dangerous hobby. Compared to sky-diving or extreme couponing, you’re far less likely to fall out of a plane or be trampled by bargain hunters. But there are still risks.

By following these tips, you’ll keep yourself, your kids, and your pets safe. And that means you can enjoy a happy, stress-free vape (in a well-ventilated room) whenever you like!

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