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KiK the Habit This Stoptober

KiK the Habit This Stoptober

Stoptober is here, and we’re getting behind all of the smokers out there who are looking to quit. If you’re looking to “Kik the Habit” this Stoptober, we’re offering any smokers out there 20% off all eliquids when you switch to vaping.

Here’s how you do it. First, add any of our vape pen and eliquid starter bundles to your basket.

Then, add as many e-liquids as you’d like to your order.

At the checkout, use the discount code STOPTOBER and we’ll instantly apply a 20% discount to all the liquids in your basket.

That’s the offer explained, but let’s face it. Nobody ever quit smoking because of an eliquid offer. So why should you Kik the Habit by switching to our vapes? What is vaping like compared to smoking?

Here are three fantastic reasons:

One – You’ll Make Your Doctor Happy

The NHS, Cancer Research UK, The British Heart Foundation – everyone in the medical profession is telling smokers that if they’re not going to give up nicotine entirely, they should switch to vaping instead of smoking.

The NHS’s Stoptober website has a full article on e-cigarettes “carrying only a small fraction of the risk of cigarettes” which we recommend you read, right before downloading their Stoptober app and using our Stoptober discount code to stock up on eliquids.

Two: You’ll Make Your Bank Manager Happy

Smoking is expensive. Incredibly expensive. While 15 years ago, you could drop £2 on a pack of ten and puff away your health, smoking is a far more expensive prospect in 2018.

Let’s say you smoke ten cigarettes a day. Decent quality ones, the cheapest rolling tobacco you can find wrapped up in a bus ticket because you forgot to buy any papers.

Over the 28 days of Stoptober, that’ll cost you somewhere in the region of £110 - £160.

Now let’s look at vaping.

Picking up the Kik Vape 02 and three eliquids runs to £18.49 this month.

Let’s say you get through three bottles of eliquid per week. That means you need to add a five pack of tobacco eliquids and then four single bottles of fruity eliquids to your basket.

Straight away, we’re only up to £39.45, including free shipping.

Apply the Stoptober discount, and that drops to £35.26.

Smoking is three to four times more expensive than vaping. That’s a fact. Make the switch, and you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands of pounds per year.

Three: You’ll Make Yourself Happy

Well straight away, saving over £100 per month will put a smile on your face, but that’s not all it does.

Giving up smoking is miserable. Cravings are awful, you’ll be short-tempered, and at some point the money and the health won’t matter because you’ll just want a cigarette. We’ve all been there.

With vaping though, you won’t suffer through the cravings. You’ll still be getting the nicotine you want, and it’ll come packaged in a range of flavours that you’ll enjoy far more than the burnt taste of cheap tobacco.

Plus there’s all the fun of cloud chasing, if you choose the Kik Gold starter kit, but that’s probably something for another post!

If you’re serious about quitting smoking this Stoptober, we’re here to support you with a discount on one of the most effective ways to Kik the Habit.

Half of all vapers quit smoking entirely, compared to less than one in five nicotine gum and nicotine patch users. And by using your STOPTOBER code at any time this month, we’re certain you’ll be one of the people who put down the cigarettes and never look back.

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