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What is PG in E Liquid?

What is PG in E Liquid?

Ask anyone who vapes regularly what goes into an e liquid, and they’ll say the same four things:


It’s easy. Anyone can remember a four ingredient recipe. But when you ask them to explain just what PG is, they start to um and ah. That’s because unless you’re in the business of manufacturing eliquids here in the UK, you wouldn’t need to know.

But if you want to know, we’re happy to explain. It’s time to take a look at the main ingredient in our most popular vaping eliquids and half of what makes up our 50/50 eliquid range. PG.

What is PG?

PG is propylene glycol. If you’re not a chemist, that’s not going to mean anything to you. In fact, it might seem a bit worrying. In a world of organic food and artisan coffee, we don’t exactly associate chemical names like propylene glycol with wholesomeness and health.

Well, put your mind at ease. Propylene glycol is a chemical, but it’s one that’s made to food-grade standards and is used mainly as a food additive.

Because it lowers the freezing point of water, some uninformed people call PG “the antifreeze ingredient.” But anyone sensible knows that table salt will lower the freezing point of water, and nobody is scared of putting “antifreeze” on their chips.

Where Does PG Come From? Is it Safe?

Unsurprisingly, PG comes from a lab. It’s made by treating a different organic chemical using something called non-catalytic high-temperature processes. Which basically means it’s heated and it changes. Much like bread does in a toaster.

Anyway, once the PG has been made, it’s used in everything from medicine, to hand sanitizers, to ice cream. That’s because it’s safe for humans, and has been used in the food industry for decades.

Pure PG is also used to make fake smoke in model train sets, because it creates clouds of odourless, non-toxic vapour. Unlike real steam trains, which produce coal smoke that’s pretty bad for all concerned.

What we’re saying is that PG might be artificial, but there’s really nothing to worry about. In fact, you couldn’t vape without it.

What Does PG Do in an E liquid?

Flavour, feel and function. That’s what propylene glycol gives to vapers.

When it comes to flavour, PG is great as a solvent. That means that flavourings just melt into it – like instant coffee into boiling water. Without any PG at all, your eliquids would be bland and flavourless, instead of lip-smackingly tasty.

Another thing PG offers is throat feel. While VG is responsible for huge clouds, PG delivers that throat hit that former smokers speak so highly of. Thanks to propylene glycol, you can get a good, thick inhale of your eliquid.

Finally, PG delivers function. Along with carrying flavour, PG ensures your vape’s wick soaks quickly and consistently, avoiding that burned cotton taste that can ruin a vaping experience.

Without these three things, vaping would be no fun at all. So let’s take a moment to appreciate PG.

PG – Pretty Great!

We hope you’re now clued in on why all of our eliquids rely on propylene glycol, and why we think this vape liquid ingredient is Pretty Great!

If you want to try our PG liquids for yourself, we’ve got some fantastic news. Following our late summer sale, we’ve made a decision on the pricing of all our PG liquids.

All KiK PG e liquids are now just £2.49

And as if that’s not enough, we’re offering some multipack value on our most popular flavours:

Tobacco Eliquid Five Pack – Just £11.00 (£2.20 per bottle)
Fruit Eliquid Five Pack – Just £11.00 (£2.20 per bottle)
Mint & Menthol Eliquid Five Pack – Just £11.00 (£2.20 per bottle)

Multipacks are only available while stocks last, so make sure you order online today.

Just remember – PG eliquids are Pretty Great!

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