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How to Maintain Your E Cigarette Coils

How to Maintain Your E Cigarette Coils

E Cigarette coils, atomizer heads, wicks. Whatever you call them, your vape pen or your box mod won’t work without them. Even pod cigarettes come with coils pre-fitted. But considering how crucial these cotton wicks and heating elements are to your vaping experience, we’ve not dedicated much space on the Kik blog to them.

It’s time to change that.

Let’s look at just how you can maintain your ecigarette coils and vape atomizer heads.

Which Coils Should I Choose?

This part is pretty straightforward. In 99% of circumstances, you’ll buy the type of coil that fits the tank you use. Because the coil is designed to fit that specific tank.

Looking through our range, and you’ll see it’s true. Protank coils for the Vape 02 Protank, Gold coils for the Gold range vape. So on and so forth.

Where you may have a choice to make is with the Aspire PockeX vape kit. This vape has a choice of two coils – 0.6ohm resistance and 1.2ohm resistance.

The lower a coil’s resistance, the hotter it gets, the more cloud it produces. So if you’re on a high VG liquid because you want to do some cloud chasing, pick the 0.6ohm coil.

How Often Should I Change The Coils?

As a rule of thumb, you change the coil ever week or two. That’s because eventually, they’ll get clogged. It’s always a matter of personal preference when you change your coil, but there are a few warning signs that mean it’s nearly time to swap:

  • Muted flavours
  • Harder draws with less vapour
  • Burned or otherwise unpleasant aftertastes
  • Lingering flavours from different eliquids

If you start experiencing these issues, switch out the coils ASAP. But if you find this happening too often, there are a few things you can do to increase longevity and maintain your coils.

How Can I Help Coils Last Longer?

First up, prep your coil properly. Don’t just screw in a new coil, top up your tank and start vaping. That’s a shortcut to burned wicks and bad tasting vapes.

Instead, drip a few drops of your chosen eliquid onto the cotton of your atomizer head before you screw it in. That way, it’ll start to absorb the eliquid properly.

Then fit the coil and fill your tank. Once that’s done, give it five minutes minimum for the wick to soak up some eliquid before you even think about pressing that battery button.

Now your coil is properly prepped, you can vape to your heart’s content without burning out the coil too quickly.

To keep the quality up, don’t switch through too many flavours, avoid really sweet liquids, and don’t let your tank run dry. Do all this, and you’ll be pushing two weeks per coil change time after time.

Can I Clean or Rinse my Ecigarette Coils?

This is a contentious topic in vaping circles. Some vapers think that “dry burning” your coil by holding down the button will burn off any lingering flavours and refresh the coil. However, that’s an easy way to burn the cotton and ensure your next vape tastes acrid.

Yet other vapers recommend rinsing and drying your atomizer heads – flushing them out with cold water and leaving to dry for 48 hours before prepping and re-using them.

You can find tutorials for both of these techniques on YouTube, but in our experience they don’t work very well. If you want the best possible vape, that means the best liquids, the best vape kits, and a fresh, well-maintained coil!

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