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Mouth to Lung Vaping vs Direct to Lung Vaping

Mouth to Lung Vaping vs Direct to Lung Vaping

On the face of it, vaping seems really simple. You take your chosen device, hold down the button, put the tip to your lips and then? I guess you just sort of inhale? It’s not really something many people think about.

But as with all things vape, it’s something we think about here at Kik. We think about it a lot. And we’re going to share those thoughts with you as we explore two of the ways to inhale that vape. We’ll compare mouth to lung vaping with direct to lung vaping, let you know what the difference is between the two, and outline the kit that’ll best suit your choice.

So grab your vape, read on, and really think about how you’re using it. Because there’s more to this than “just sort of inhaling.”

Mouth to Lung Vaping – The Ex-Smokers’ Choice

If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette – and most vapers have – you smoke in a very specific way. Instead of just sucking down the smoke, you’d take a drag, hold it in your mouth for a second or so, and then inhale.

That’s exactly how mouth to lung vaping works. You inhale the vapour into your mouth, hold it there, and then inhale it into your lungs.

The reason you do this isn’t just a holdover from that thankfully replaced smoking habit. Mouth to lung vaping actually has a few benefits for vapers.

          Throat Hit

Mouth to lung vaping creates a smoother throat hit. It’s more subtle, less harsh, especially if you’re using a High PG eliquid. Given that most new vapers start our on a PG eliquid, this method of inhaling makes vaping much more pleasant when you aren’t used to it.


If you’re holding vapour in your mouth, that means it’s staying in contact with your tongue. And without stating the obvious, that means you’ll taste it more. Mouth to lung vaping helps to boost the flavours of an eliquid, meaning you get to enjoy that flavour even more.

The Best Setup for Mouth to Lung Vaping

With mouth to lung vaping, you’ll be looking at a smaller, less powerful vape pen. Just because this method reduces one of the main reasons for buying a sub ohm mod vape (and more on that below).

An entry-level pen like our Kik Vape 02, is perfect for mouth to lung vaping, especially for those looking to replace a tobacco smoking habit. That’s because a vape pen is roughly the same shape as a cigarette (although much thicker), meaning you’ll feel more comfortable with it in your hands.

When it comes to liquids, you’ll need a high PG liquid to ensure a punchier, more satisfying throat hit. Using a high VG liquid for mouth to lung vaping will lead to pretty much no throat hit at all, which can be a strange experience for new vapers.

That’s mouth to lung vaping sorted. But what about direct to lung?

Direct to Lung Vaping – Recommended by Cloud Chasers

Direct to lung vaping is intense. Instead of holding the vapour in your mouth, you inhale it straight from the ecigarette into your lungs. It’s a really intense feeling, especially if you’re not used to it, and for that reason it’s something new vapers instinctively avoid. After all, nobody wants a coughing fit brought on by an experience they weren’t prepared for.

But after mastering the technique, direct to lung vapers recommend it for a number of reasons. They might not get as much full-on flavour from their vapes, but what they do get more than makes up for it.

          Throat Hit

Hang on? Didn’t we say this for mouth to lung vaping? Yes, but for a different reason. Direct to lung vaping produces a far fuller, thicker throat hit, without needing a high PG liquid. A smooth, thick, high VG eliquid provides a really substantial throat hit that some people describe as “chewy” when it’s inhaled direct to the lungs.


The throat hit is all about the inhale. The main reason for direct to lung vaping is all about that exhale. You produce quite amazing amounts of clouds when you exhale after a direct to lung hit. Especially when you’re using that high VG liquid.

The Best Setup for Direct to Lung Vaping

As you might expect, vaping high VG liquids requires a different setup. If you’re going to experiment with direct to lung vaping, you’ll need a sub ohm vape kit. 

When it comes to the liquid, you’ll want something high in VG and low in nicotine. As a rule of thumb, you should choose a VG liquid that’s half the strength of your preferred PG liquids, just because deeper inhales mean you’ll absorb more of the nicotine. Of course our Cloud liquid range hits the mark, but you can also experiment with our 50/50 Gold range and our short fills. All of these liquids have enough VG to allow for an intense hit, and are available in low nicotine strengths.

So there you have it. There’s more to vaping than just inhaling. Let us know – are you a mouth to lung or a direct to lung vaper? And which eliquids would you recommend for the best vaping experience?
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