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E Liquid

E-Liquid and Vape Juice for every type of vaper

E Liquids, Vaping Liquids, Vape Juice – Whatever You Call Them, We’ve Got Them in Stock

When it comes to e liquids, KiK knows the score. It doesn’t matter if you call it vape juice, eliquid or e-liquid – right here in Manchester we mix PG, VG, nicotine and flavourings to create vaping liquids that our customers love. From standard tobacco e liquids to dessert short fills, our Liquid Labs supply the whole country with the ultimate vaping experience.

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We’ve got e liquid for cloud chasers, vape juice for people who savour the flavour, and a premium range of 50/50 short fill flavours to take every single taste bud in the country to the next level. Everything is brewed right here in Manchester under the eye of our vape technicians, and we bottle our vaping liquids in-house too. That way, when you pick up a bottle of your favourite flavour, you can be sure we’re proud of it.

Oh – and if you spend just £15 on our affordable e liquids, we’ll deliver it to you, anywhere in the UK, absolutely free!

The KiK E-Liquid range

Standard Eliquid

VG Eliquid

Short Fills

What is an E-Liquid?

E liquid is integral to any vape set up. Without it, you just simply wouldn’t be able to vape. In the UK, if an e liquid contains nicotine, it can only be sold and bought in 10ml bottles. However, nicotine-free vaping juices can be sold and bought in any capacity bottle (see short fills).

A bottle of vape juice contains all of the ingredients needed to deliver nicotine, provide flavour and generate vapour.

The only way to use an eliquid is in conjunction with an electronic cigarette. When the juice is added to the e-cig, it is heated up and produces a vapour which can be inhaled and exhaled. How much nicotine and vapour that you desire all depends on the type of e liquid that you use.  

What is in an E-Liquid?

In most vape liquids, there are just three or four ingredients:

Is E-Liquid harmful or dangerous?

All of these ingredients are perfectly safe for human consumption. But it’s worth noting that nicotine is still a highly addictive substance, and taken in large enough doses it is poisonous. However, if you use e liquid in the way that it’s intended, then you won't have a problem.

All of the other ingredients can be found in many foods that you eat on a daily basis. Even baby food and formula!

What are the different type of vape juice?

There are a variety of vape juice types available including nicotine-free options in all:

PG 60% (and above) – These are your standard vaping liquids commonly used by people who are/were heavy smokers. They have higher nicotine options (up to 20mg) and provide a good throat hit, while still producing strong flavour and a generous vapour on the exhale. PG e-liquids are used with traditional vape pens and non-sub-ohm tanks, usually on a coil above 1.2ohms.

VG 60% (and above) – These are the vape juices which provide all of those big clouds and come in a wide range of fancy flavours. Nicotine options range from 0mg to 6mg and therefore used more frequently by intermediate and experienced vapers who don’t require a high nicotine intake anymore. VG juices can only be used in sub-ohm devices where the liquid is heated up higher temperatures.

50/50 – These eliquids are the middle ground. Big flavour, good throat hit and good vapour. They can also be used in pretty much any device. Nicotine options are from 0mg to 11mg generally. Ideal for pretty much any vape device and is a good choice for a light smoker.

If you're new to vaping and need a little more information, check out our Beginners Guide to E Liquids.

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