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What’s the Best PG to VG Ratio?

What’s the Best PG to VG Ratio?

The word for a collection of vapers should probably be a “discussion.” Put two or more ecigarette fans in a room together, and the first thing you’ll hear is a heated debate. Which is your favourite eliquid flavour? Mod or pen? Favourite brand of juice. And then the big one.

What’s the best PG to VG ratio for an eliquid?

This one’s a big question. And here at Kik, we don’t play favourites. So if you’re expecting us to lay down a definitive answer saying that the undisputed king of ratios is 48.1% of this and 51.9% of that, you’ll be disappointed.

There’s no one overall best PG to VG ratio. But there is probably a best PG to VG ratio for you.

So let’s have the debate and see which side you come down on.

But First – What is PG and VG again?

For an in-depth look at Propylene Glycol (PG), take a look at this blog post

PG and VG are two of the main ingredients in an eliquid, along with nicotine and flavourings.

The propylene glycol, or PG, is what the flavourings dissolve into. It also delivers the feeling in your throat that ex-smokers call “throat hit,” and it helps the liquid soak into your vape’s wick.

The VG (that’s vegetable glycerin) makes the flavourings sweeter, and produces huge clouds when you exhale. It’s a lot smoother than PG, without that sometimes harsh hit at the back of your throat.

Right, that’s cleared that up. Now onto which is best.

High PG Liquids (80% PG to 20% VG)

Most “standard” eliquids have around a 4-1 PG/VG ratio. That means stronger, sharper flavours, smaller, thinner clouds on the exhale, and a thicker more noticeable hit at the back of your throat.

If you’re using your vape to help replace the mouthfeel of a cigarette as you quit smoking, then a high PG ratio will deliver a similar experience to smoking.

The neutral flavour of PG also means that the flavours of your eliquid will be sharper and more savoury. That makes them perfect for toasted tobacco flavours, or clean menthol flavours – two types of eliquid that you don’t really find available with high VG ratios.

If you want something that feels like smoking on the inhale, you want a high PG ratio.

High VG Liquids (80% VG to 20% PG)

“Mod” liquids take the ratio of a standard juice and flip it around. Now you’ve got a 4-1 VG/PG ratio. That means a much smoother inhale with less of a throat hit.

You’ll also find that the mouthfeel of your vape is somehow creamier and a lot sweeter than with a high PG ratio. That means that a high VG liquid is perfect for dessert or bubblegum flavours.

But the main benefit of a high VG liquid is that it allows you to vape large, luscious and thick clouds when you exhale. Not trifling little wisps of vapour. Huge clouds that you can use to do all sorts of tricks. If you’re that way inclined.

If you want sweetness and large clouds, you should go with a high VG ratio.

What About a Balance? (50/50 Liquids)

Ok, fine. High VG and High PG ratios have their own benefits, but what if you want the best of both worlds? Something that’s sweet but not too thick and creamy.

Or an inhale with a bit of a hit that still delivers clouds on the exhale?

Well for balance, there’s definitely one ratio that is best.

50/50. Perfectly balanced eliquids.

Even better, these 50/50 liquids are perfect for any type of device. Thick enough for use with a sub-ohm mod, but not so viscous that they’ll clog a less power-hungry pen style vape.

When it comes to ratios, there’s probably no right answer. But when it comes to finding the best PG to VG ratio for your eliquid, there’s a simple solution. Try a few options and come to your own conclusion! Just be prepared to defend your choice next time you’re in a heated vaping debate!

For further reading, our Beginners Guide to E Liquids will help steer you in the right direction.

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