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Time to Kik The Habit

Time to Kik The Habit

Time to Kik The Habit

Do you know what the most popular New Year’s Resolution is amongst Britain’s smokers? Of course you do. If you’ve ever smoked, it’s a resolution you’ll have made more than once.

It’s to quit smoking. Public Health England estimate that a quarter of a million smokers are currently trying to quit, and they’re pointing to vaping as a far less dangerous alternative to smoking tobacco. In fact, to prove how much less harmful vapour is than smoke, they’ve created a video and done a little experiment.

The video itself can be seen here on the BBC website, but if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here’s a quick summary:

  • Electronic cigarettes have helped thousands of Britons stop smoking
  • People still don’t believe that vaping is less harmful than cigarette smoke
  • Public Health England did an experiment with bell jars and cotton to see the difference on your lungs
  • The cigarette bell jar was absolutely filled with sticky brown tar – something that causes heart disease and even cancer
  • The vaping bell jar had a little bit of vapour build-up

If you’re considering stopping smoking, we really recommend watching the video. Skip ahead to 01:01 and take a look at the lumps of tar that build up after just a single month of smoking.

If you decided to stop smoking at midnight on New Year’s Eve congratulations. Well done you. You’ve made a great choice.

Hopefully it’s all been plain sailing for you, and you’ve not been beset by any cravings. But for most ex-smokers (and we’re not preaching, this blog post was written by someone who quit on every single New Year’s Eve for five straight years until buying a vape kit), after a week or two those cravings can really start to bite.

So here are three things you can do to overcome those cravings and really kick the habit for good this time.

1: Focus on Your Health

Seriously. Go back and watch that video we linked to above. Look at the tar in that jar! That’s tar which will no longer be polluting your lungs. After a week or so, your sense of smell and taste will be back, your bronchial tubes will relax, and your circulation will be improving.

By March, you’ll be coughing less, by September you’ll have improved your lung function by 10%, and on New Year’s Eve 2019, you’ll have halved your risk of heart disease.

Every day you don’t smoke a cigarette, your risk of lung cancer drops. That should definitely help you power through that next craving.

2: Focus on Your Wallet

Back in Stoptober, we did some maths.

Do you know how much money you’ll save if you don’t buy any cigarettes in January?


And that’s if you smoke ten a day.

If you were going through a packet of 20 cigarettes every day, by not smoking in 2019 you’ll save a grand total of £3,840. Plus a bit extra if tobacco duty goes up in the next budget.

That’s enough for an all-inclusive 11 night cruise around the Med for two people. Ocean view cabin too, and they don’t come cheap.

Is having a cigarette really better than going on a cruise ship with free drinks and an all you can eat buffet?

3: Kik the Habit

If you’re still struggling with cravings, then you can always turn to Kik for help.

As the video we linked to shows, switching to vaping is far better for your health than going back to the cigarettes. None of our products contain tar, and as you saw in the Public Health England experiment, that means no huge brown masses clogging up your airways.

And as we learned back in October, your £160 per month smoking habit will cost you £39.45 in January – and that includes investing in a vape pen, so it’ll be even cheaper in February.

So if you’re struggling with trying to quit, don’t give up. Take advantage of one of our mixed bundles and give yourself a little nicotine hit with none of the tar.

And good luck. We know quitting smoking is tough, but you’ll get there.

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