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How to Fill Your Kik Vape 02 E-Cig Tank

How to Fill Your Kik Vape 02 E-Cig Tank

The Kik Vape 02 e-cigarette is a step up from the Vape 01 starter pen and requires just that little bit more in terms of maintenance and a slightly different way of filling the tank with e-liquid.

The main visible difference between the two is that instead of using a clearomiser, it uses a tank (Protank) with a replaceable 2.0 ohm coil.

The other difference is the battery capacity, which is 900mAh on the Vape 02 compared to 650mAh on the Vape 01.

So, let’s take things from the very start.

Filling Your E-Cig Tank

Unscrewing the Coil and the Tank

If your tank is screwed on to the battery, you will need to unscrew it. To do this, hold the battery in one hand and the lowest part of the silver unit in the other. Then with a relatively firm grip, twist the silver part anti-clockwise while keeping a grip on the battery.

Now, before you do anything, turn the Protank upside down so that the mouthpiece is pointing towards the floor. Always remember this piece of advice when you’re refilling or changing the coil.

Next, you need to unscrew the coil unit from the tank. To do this, just use the same method as above and remember to keep the mouthpiece pointing towards the ground.

Filling the Tank with E-liquid

Inside the tank you will notice a central tube. This is where the coil slots in to and where you draw in vapour through the mouthpiece. Don't try and fill this with e-liquid. If you do, it’ll simply go straight through the mouthpiece and onto whatever is beneath it (e.g. the floor, your lap, the dog).

Instead, you’re going to keep the mouthpiece pointed to floor, take your bottle of Kik PG e-liquid and aim the tip of the bottle between the central tube and the inside edge of the tank.

Now gently squeeze the bottle and fill to around three quarters of the height of the central tube.

Screw Coil and Battery Back in Place

You’re now ready to screw the coil back on, but don’t be tempted to turn the tank upright just yet!

When doing this, you obviously want to ensure that a proper seal is formed, but it’s important you don’t over-tighten it. So long as it’s not loose and liquid can’t escape, then you’re good to go!

With the tank sealed, you can now turn the mouthpiece the right way up and screw the the battery back in. Again, there’s no need to over-tighten. Just make sure it’s not loose.

Now this might all seem a little intricate, but once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes second nature.

Another little tip for you when re-filling your e-cig; have a bit of tissue handy so that you can clear any excess e-liquid from around the edge of the coil and tank unit.

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