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Going For Gold with 50/50 Eliquids

Going For Gold with 50/50 Eliquids

Going For Gold with 50/50 Eliquids

You know what? We’ve got a bit of an apology to make. You see, here at Kik, we tend to think of two types of vaper.

First of all, there’s the person with a pen vape. Something like our slim and stylish Vape 02 ecigarette. Judging by the order stats, you’re usually looking for a high PG liquid with a solid nicotine kick, usually in a tobacco or menthol flavour.

Then there’s our second type of vaper. You’re a cloud chaser. You have a chunky box mod, and buy a thick, VG-heavy eliquid in a sweet, sticky flavour.

Box A or Box B. Pen or Mod. PG or VG. One or the other.

Well, we were wrong. Sorry about that. Turns out there’s a third kind of vaper, and that by ignoring you we’ve not been talking about the gold standard in eliquids – our 50/50 Gold Range.

Time to fix that.

Pen By Day, Mod By Night

Does this sound like you? You wake up in the morning. Quick coffee, slice or two of toast, grab the wallet, grab the car keys, grab the pen vape and the high PG tobacco eliquid.

A quick vape on the way to work – small clouds because it’s hard enough driving through traffic without adding your own fog. Couple of quick vape breaks throughout the day – fast, discreet. Back in the car, back home, tie off, pen back in the drawer and out comes the box mod.

A juicy high VG fruity eliquid as you enjoy a relaxed vape before dinner, then you settle in on the couch and watch the clouds drift by.

See, it turns out lots of you switch from mods to pens and back. And unfortunately, that means switching from cloud liquids to standard. Switching out flavours as you go, because our different customers like different kinds of vape.

It’s all a bit of a hassle. But it doesn’t need to be. The answer’s been here all along.

The Gold Standard in Flexibility

The 50/50 Gold Range is perfectly balanced. It’s thick enough to create the clouds you want from your box mod, but it contains enough PG for a great throat hit that won’t clog your pen.

It offers stronger flavours and thicker clouds – the best of both worlds. And we don’t tell you about it often enough.

So let us make it up to you with some great offers. We’ve got ten Gold flavours in three different strengths, and we’ve bundled them up for you in a great value pack.

First, choose your strength. If you mainly use a box mod, stick to our ultra-low 3mg range. If you’re mostly a pen person, go with 11mg. And if you’re just as perfectly balanced as these premium eliquids, go straight down the middle for a 6mg vape.

Now, choose your flavours. We’re bundling six bottles – three twin packs – for less than £10. If you like something juicy and fruity, we’ve got Strawberry, Raspberry Ripple, Blueberry and Fruit Fancy. Mint lovers can pick from Spearmint, Menthol and the mint/aniseed/fruit concoction known as Doc’s Blend.

Tobacco fans are in for a treat, and those with a sweet tooth can choose Bubblicious or Pink Lemonade.

Once you’ve chosen your three, that’s your bundle complete and you can vape away to your heart’s content.

No matter what ecigarette device you use, you’ll have a vape that really is as good as gold.

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