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New 50/50 Short Fills Review

New 50/50 Short Fills Review

Introducing the Expanded KiK Short Fill Range

All the flavour you want at an insanely low price. Short fill cloud eliquids are the hidden gems of the KiK range. But not any longer. We’re expanding the range with a load of new 50/50 short fill flavours for mods and vape pens alike, and we’re giving our short fill liquids their time in the spotlight!

Sorry, wait. What’s a Short Fill?

Oh, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. A short fill eliquid is just a big bottle of flavoured nicotine-free eliquid. It’s not filled to the top (hence short fill) so you can add a bottle of nicotine. Short fill bottles are becoming more and more popular because you can go back to having one large bottle of liquid instead of three smaller bottles.

And How do We Use Short Fill Eliquids?

Dead easy. Nine steps. Eight if you’re in a hurry.

  1. Buy a short fill bottle from our range (Let’s go with a classic - Doc’s Blend 50/50)
  2. Buy a nicotine shot too.
  3. Open up the short fill bottle and pour in the contents of the nicotine shot bottle
  4. Pop the nozzle back in to your short fill bottle, and squeeze out the air.
  5. Stop squeezing so that you let some air back in. This is called “breathing” the bottle
  6. Seal and shake the bottle, then shake and shake some more until you see hundreds of bubbles
  7. Breathe and shake a few more times
  8. Leave in a cool place for a day or two, shaking and breathing once a day (this is the optional step you can skip if needs be)
  9. Fill your tank and enjoy your vape

See? Easy.

Now you’re up to speed, let’s look at the new additions to our range.

The Expanded KiK Short Fill Range

(These are all 50/50 juices, just like the KiK Gold range, so they can be used with any vaping device)

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sweet, sticky and delicious. Sweet and creamy toffee on the inhale, luxurious sponge on the exhale. Talk about a New Year’s treat – this one’s good if you’re cutting down on the sugar while you quit smoking!


Speaking of decadence and luxury, this cheesecake liquid is sweet, rich and has just a hint of sharpness. Not that we’d ever tell you to do your own flavour mixing, but we can definitely see how this would pair well with our strawberry jam liquid for a full on dessert sensation.

Dragonfruit and Sweet Pear

Apple? Orange? Everyone does apple and orange eliquids. When it comes to fruity flavours, we wanted to push the envelope. Bring in new, unusual flavours. Tropical blends packed with a taste of the exotic. So we made this.

Peach Twist

Juicy, sweet. What else is there to say? We’re all peachy keen on this eliquid, especially when you spot the twist.

Oh yeah, this isn’t just peaches and cream. We’ve added a little hint of guava and melon too, just to lift that flavour a little more. You’re welcome.

Mango and Strawberry Zing

This one’s going to be a summertime favourite. We can tell. Mango just screams summertime, especially when it’s paired with a little lick of super-sweet strawberry. But it’s the spearmint zing that really sets this flavour apart. Try it now, and then stock up for the summer!

Strawberry Jam

It’s one of our biggest selling high VG cloud eliquids, so it makes sense that we’d do a 50/50 short fill version of our famous Strawberry Jam vape juice. Talk about the easiest decision we’ve ever made!

Doc’s Blend

Speaking of easy decisions – would it be a KiK product range if there wasn’t a version of Doc’s Blend included? It’s indescribable, it’s unmissable, and it’s unmistakeable. Let’s face it, if you’re a repeat Kik customer, you’ve already decided whether you’re one of Doc’s Disciples or not.

Watermelon and Mango

It’s a force ten flavour hurricane. Tropical mango, a deluge of watermelon, and a fruity flavour that’s so juicy that it’s practically thirst-quenching. On a rainy day in our Manchester base, we all like to crack open a bottle of this and enjoy a taste of the tropical.  We’re sure you will too.

Cherry Sherbet

Another classic from our mod liquids range, this liquid fizzes on the tongue with a sweet sherbet hit, before the bitter, juicy cherries balance everything out with a fantastic fruity finish.

Lemon Tart

Is it just us, or are the team down in the liquid labs on a little bit of a dessert kick with this new range of short fills? If our sticky toffee and cheesecake flavours don’t tickle your fancy, how about some sharp zingy lemon balanced out with smooth, buttery pastry? Go on, treat yourself.

Orange and Pineapple Zing

Finally, we’ve got another fruity, minty, zingy flavour to tickle your tastebuds. Orange and pineapple are a fantastic fruity pairing, and the addition of a hint of mint lifts this liquid to a whole new level of flavour.

Have a Flavour Idea?

If our expanded range is still missing a flavour you think we need to make, let us know. We’re always happy to hear your ideas. Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.

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