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Vape01 & Vape02 FAQ

What is the difference between the Vape 01 and Vape 02?

Vape 01 and Vape 02 are both ideal solutions for commencing your vaping journey with KiK. The Vape 01 was our very first vapour starter kit offered in a variety of colours to suit all tastes. Vape 02 is the newly improved model built using even more advanced technology and premium quality materials. We also upgraded the battery to 900mAH so that you can vape for even longer and enjoy the benefits of the Vape Protank. 

Unlike the CE4 Clearomizer designed for your Vape 01, you will not need to dispose of the ProTank for your Vape 02 but simply change your ProTank coils.  

I’m not getting as much vapour from my Vape 01 as I used to, what should I do?

There could be a few reasons for this but the most common are:

  • 1. It's time to change your clearomizer.
  • 2. There could be liquid in your atomizer chamber. If there is, remove your clearomizer and gently blow down the mouthpiece. Make sure you have a cloth or some tissue at the base of the clearomizer to catch any excess liquid.
  • 3. E-liquid may have gathered between the clearomizer and battery connection. Carefully clean the connection between the battery and clearomizer with some tissue or some cotton wool to clear up any excess e-liquid.
  • 4. Make sure your battery is fully charged as this can impact the amount of vapour. 

Why is the throat hit so strong and uncomfortable when I first use my vaporizer? 

When you first use your vaporizer you may experience an extremely strong throat hit, which you may even describe as uncomfortable. Please continue to use your device and with each inhalation the throat hit will become far more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Why can’t I taste any flavour when using my vaping device? 

Firstly, ensure that you have screwed your clearomizer and battery together so there is a finger tight connection. Also clean both parts with some tissue or cotton wool in case any liquid is trapped. However, if this does not work, it is time to replace your clearomizer.

Why has my Vape 01 started to taste a bit burnt?

Sometimes you will experience a burnt taste after inserting a new e-liquid. Simply wait for the liquid to set for a few minutes and then you can enjoy your delicious flavour.

If you have not recently changed your e-liquid this could be one of two things. Your wick could be unfortunately coming to the end of its life or there is too little e-liquid in your clearomizer so it’s getting too dry. Try topping it up with more liquid, if that doesn’t work; it’s time for a new one. 

Can I clean my clearomizer?

Yes, all you have to do is remove the clearomizer from the battery, unscrew the mouthpiece and run plain warm water through it for 2 minutes. Once this has been done, stand the clearomizer in a warm dry place over night to dry out, and then it will be ready to add new liquid to.

Do I need to fill my Vape 01 and Vape 02 starter kits differently?

Yes, the Vape 01 and Vape 02 starter kits need to be filled differently. The CE4 Clearomizer for the Vape 01 needs to be filled from the top using the conveniently designed metal nip. Whereas, you must refill your Vape 02 Protank from the bottom aiming the tip of your e-liquid bottle down the side and carefully squeezing until you have reached the required level of liquid. 

Why is my cartomizer leaking?

We would be very surprised if your cartomizer started leaking but it can happen. It may be due to the following:

  • Too Much E-Liquid: You have filled the clearomizer with too much e-liquid causing the liquid to bypass the wicks seeking directly into the coil head causing it to leak. To avoid this problem don’t overfill your clearomizer and be careful not to drip liquid into the central hole of the clearomizer.
  • Inhaling Too Hard: Your cartomizer may also leak because you’re inhaling too hard so you are drawing to much e-liquid into the coil head. This floods the clearomizer causing it to leak. We recommend longer and slower drags to pull the liquid at a steady rate and enjoy the optimum vaping experience.
  • Coil Head Problems- Your coil head could be either too loose allowing liquid to seep through and leak into the bottom of the clearomizer or it has burnt out so needs to be replaced.
  • Lack of Use- Leaks are common if you have left e-liquid inside the clearomizer for a long period of time. The liquid has oversaturated the wicks and seeped into the coil resulting in a leak. We recommend regular emptying of clearomizers if not used regularly. 

Why is my Vape 02 Protank leaking? 

You may have knocked or dropped your Vape 02. Click your Protank and battery back together and your device should be good to go! 

I don’t understand why my Vape 01 and Vape 02 flashes when I touch the button? 

If you try to activate either the Vape 01 or Vape 02 and the LED flashes this means it is time to recharge your battery.

How many charges will the Vape 01 and Vape 02 starter kits last?

The Vape 01 and Vape 02 can be charged approximately 300 times but this really depends on how often your vaping device is used. 

How long will it take my battery to charge? 

It should take between 2-3 hours for your battery to charge from empty to full for the Vape 01 and Vape 02. Your battery can be charged into any powered USB port, hub or power adaptor. However, you must not use your phone charger or leave your device on charge unattended or overnight. The charging indicator turns red to show that charging has begun and will change to green once the process is completed.

My Vape 01 has stopped working. What should I do?

Please check the connection between the top of the battery and base of the clearomizer are finger tight. Once activated you will hear a hissing sound to indicate that the e-liquid is being heated. However, if this does not work there may be a break in the coil, which should therefore be replaced. 

My Vape 01 vapour cigarette keeps switching on in my pocket or my bag. Can I stop this?

Yes, the KiK Vape 01 vapour cigarette has an ON/OFF function. To switch it off, click the power button 5 times, then the LED light on the button will flash. To switch it back on, repeat the process.

Why isn’t my Vape 02 working when I have connected the Protank and battery correctly?

You will need to tighten the coils inside your Protank. Once these have been screwed correctly and are finger tight, attach the Protank and battery as you have done previously and you will be able to enjoy your Vape 02. 

Given that the Vape 02 has a more powerful battery, does this mean that it will go through more e-liquid?

No, the 950mAh battery let’s you enjoy longer battery life between charges rather than going through the e-liquid any quicker than the Vape 01. 

Can I use my Vape 01 and Vape 02 anywhere?

Vaping is still legal everywhere in the UK, however, some businesses, bars and restaurants do not allow it on their premises. This is all down to their individual policies on vaping.

Are there any age restrictions on who can vape?

Yes, you must be over 18 to buy and use a vaping device or electronic cigarette in the UK.